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Studio Bancs offers endless opportunities in the creative ways you can turn our spaces into a special and memorable event for both you and your guests! We provide a canvas for your creativity, and the ability to transform it into a new environment with our unique spaces as a backdrop. Studio Bancs is a home for many high profile events as well as smaller parties and shows. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life!

Union Square

Union Square is truly one of the most luxurious event venues in the city. Sporting 360 degree views of beautiful NYC scenery through architectural windows, this event space offers the finest in elegance. Fancy hardwood floors flow into a large dance area making this a great choice for weddings, corporate events, or intimate dinners. This venue has many on-site services including catering, equipment rental, staff, and more.

Location: Union Square # of Rooms: 2 Capacity: 200+ Sq ft: 8,000

West Village

One of the most unique locations available in the city, this two level townhouse converted into a venue for intimate dinners, corporate events, and weddings is sure to impress. This venue is adorned with high-end furniture, statues, and many other fine decor pieces, lending a refined look that is timeless. Tall ceilings add to the dramatic effect throughout the venue. Catering, audiovisual, and other services available on site.

Location: West Village # of Rooms: 2 Capacity: 100+ Sq ft: 3,000

Midtown West

Specializing in hosting events for music, performance, art and photography, this 250 person max capacity Midtown venue has over a dozen windows letting in natural light. Aesthetically, white walls and hardwood floors flow throughout the venue. Additional tables and chairs, table covers, sound system, projectors and screens are available for rent on-site to make events simple.

Location: Midtown West # of Rooms: 3 Capacity: 250 Sq ft: 4,000

Flat Iron Studio 1

Sweeping views await guests at this 4,000 sq ft studio brimming with daylight through over a dozen large windows. This venue features stunning maple floors throughout the space along with 14 foot ceilings. Amenities include wireless internet, freight elevator, and complete kitchen. Use this venue to launch your new products, or brainstorm ways to increase productivity. Create timeless moments and celebrate special milestones.

Location: Flat Iron # of Rooms: 4 Capacity: 175 Sq ft: 4,000

Flat Iron Studio 2

If you’re looking for a spacious venue to host a killer function, Flat Iron Studio 2’s 3,000 sq ft of multi-purpose space is perfect for you! This venue features 13 foot high ceilings and several large windows. It also includes rolling barn doors that add texture and sophistication. Amenities include a full kitchen, green room, and wireless internet.

Location: Flat Iron # of Rooms: 4 Capacity: 120 Sq ft: 3,000

Nolita White

Clean, pristine, and bright. Nolita White features an all-white ensemble: white walls, floor, and ceiling. Your creativity is the limit in this modern, clean spot for hosting all types of events including product launches, tech parties, fashion shoots and more. This venue is very unique as it can be used as a pop-up retail store as well. Amenities include high speed wifi, sound system, and wireless climate control.

Location: Nolita # of Rooms: 4 Capacity: 250 Sq ft: 4,500


This unique spot has been very popular for pop-up and culinary events, and even large product launch parties. SOHO has huge windows that face very busy streets, making this a high- visibility space. Amenities include wifi, sound system, and commercial kitchen. This venue is trusted by global clients, yet very affordable.

Location: Soho # of Rooms: 3 Capacity: 120 Sq ft: 2,000

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